Are you interested in qualified workforce for your testing laboratory?

Each summer, 12 students of the Zwick Roell Academy at Don Bosco Tech Campus, Basin Bridge, Chennai will finish their 1-year training course „Zwick Testing Machine Operator“

Our students are trained in:

·     Knowledge of all mechanical test types on metals/plastics (tensile, flexure, bending, hardness, impact, melt-flow, specimen preparation)

    Selection of testing tools and installation

    Independent execution of standard-testing according to standards

    Knowledge of testing software testXpert (including reports,...)

Do you wish  to attend a training at our state-of-the art testing lab?

·     Static materials testing machines (from 1 to 250 kN) for tensile, flexure and bending tests

·     Pendulum impact tester vor Charpy/Izod tests

·     Extrusion plastometer for MVR/MFR determination

·     Hardness testers for Rockwell and Vickers

About the Zwick Roell  Academy

Two instructors employed for the training program are qualifying 12 adolescents to become Zwick Testing Machine Operators each year. An award-winning project for the underprivileged Chennai youth, honored by the German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development as the best social project organized by a private company. More information: www.zwick.com/environment-and-social-awareness

If  you are interested in recruiting one of our students or wish  to attend a training, please contact Mr. Ashim Sharma at ashim.sharma@zwick.de or phone +91 9871195119)


Zwick Roell Testing Machines Pvt. Ltd
Tel.  +91 44 43090450
E-Mail  info@zwick.co.in


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