Seminar on Reliable Test Results

To gain a competitive advantage in today’s environment of rapid technological advancement, designers and engineers are routinely pushing the limits of physics in developing new and enhanced materials. At the same time globalization has led to international supply chains and the separation of research from production facilities. Consequently, it is absolutely essential for both quality assurance and R&D that test results be accurate, repeatable, reproducible and traceable – in a word, they must be reliable!

To discuss and understand  how to achieve reliable test results in material testing, Zwick Roell Testing Machines Pvt Ltd organized three seminars at Neemrana, Manesar and Delhi from 7th to 10th November, 2017. The key speaker for this seminar was Mr. Aleksander Koprivc, Industry Manager – Automotive from Zwick GmbH Co. & KG, Germany.  Other co-speakers were Mr. Ashim Sharma - National Sales Manager and Mr. Sandeep Gulia - Assistant Sales Manager from Zwick Roell Testing Machines Pvt Ltd. Main topics discussed in this seminar were common error and mistakes in material testing, testing standards, static – dynamic – hardness testing for metals and polymers.  More than 120 persons participated in these seminars coming from all over India and showed keen interest in these topics.

Zwick Roell solutions stand for accuracy, repeatability, reproducibility and results traceability. To know more about Zwick Roell’s commitment to reliability, please click here.




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