Experience Advanced Creep and High Temperature Testing at the Zwick Roell Forum in Austria

Messphysik, a leading company in creep testing systems, high temperature testing, and optical extensometry will host the Zwick Roell Forum for High Temperature Testing in Austria, on May 17, 2018. Visitors from around the globe will gather at the company’s headquarters to take part in the annual event focused on non-ambient testing.  A combination of presentations and detailed product demonstrations will offer attendees an up-close look at Zwick Roell capabilities in high temperature testing applications, creep testing and optical strain measurement. 

A variety of testing machines and accessories will be on display for the following applications:

  • High-temperature tensile tests in air up to 1,500 °C
  • Creep testing and crack growth testing
  • Creep and creep-fatigue testing under alternating loads (CF)
  • Hydrogen embrittlement testing
  • Creep testing of plastics and composites
  • High temperature non-contact extensometers
  • High-temperature tensile tests with induction heating
  • Thermomechanical fatigue testing
  • Modernization options for creep testing machines
  • Customized applications

Participants are also invited to attend the evening program that highlights the history and cuisine of the region. Contact us to find out how you can join us for this upcoming event.


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