China Steel Corporation trusts Zwick for Reliable Test Results

China Steel Corporation India Pvt. Ltd. (CSCI), located in the Dahej-2 Industrial Area, Bharuch, Gujarat, was established on October 20, 2011. The hot commissioning was initiated on September 27, 2014. China Steel Corporation produces electric steel in 50 hectares of land. The Dahej project is company's first investment in India with an initial production capacity of 200,000 tonnes of electric steel per annum. The company had planned total investment of US $ 178 million (approx.1,000 crore INR) for the project, largest investments by any Taiwanese company in India so far. The electric steel is used in power equipments industry including compressor, electric motors, generators and transformers. The most of production is supplied to the domestic market, while about 5 per cent is exported to the Middle East countries.

The trust from proven performance of the machine & continuous  service support from Zwick Team to the plant located in Taiwan plant has resulted in one more installation of Zwick Universal Testing Machine in India. Materials testing is a crucial part of the Quality Control system and China Steel Corporation at Dahej has a well-equipped testing laboratory with a range of testing equipment including a 100kN Zwick UTM. This 100kN UTM with hydraulic grips & most advanced automatic macroXtens ® II extensometer assures reliable test results for their production. The macroXtens ® II extensometer can be used up to specimen break. The extensometer is also equipped with transverse strain measurement option to measure Poisson’s ratio to comply with accuracy mentioned in international test standards. China Steel Corporation has plan to add automation to the existing system in future to be one step ahead for faster and reliable test results.

While choosing the UTM, we preferred the Zwick UTM due to the features offered.

  • The most amazing features of the equipment were the load cell accuracy  in which it could be used.
  • Another significant feature which was offered by Zwick, the ability to use the extensometer in environmental chamber at elevated temperatures, which meant a more accurate and precise result without much hassles of changing any hardware or the surroundings.

On behalf of China Steel Corporation India Pvt Ltd, I would like to thank the Zwick team for their excellent support throughout the process of finalization of the equipment, its delivery, installation and commissioning, training & breakdowns.” Quoted by Mr. Chiang Tsung-Tse (Simon), Quality Assurance Manager.


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