Kramer Shear Cell
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Kramer Shear Cell

Kramer Shear Cell

The Kramer shear cell simulates a single bite on foodstuffs and provides information about bite characteristic, crispiness and firmness. It is used for meat and fish products, small sized fruit and vegetables as well as for cereals and snacks like potato chips. 

The 5 or 10 shear blades drive at a constant speed through the specimen material, compressing, shearing and extruding it through the slotted base. The test is made on a defined sample quantity. The multiple blades provide a measurement on several positions at the same time thus local texture deviations are compensated for with this method. 



Prüfung von Hamburgern / Frikadellen - Testing of hamburgers

Texturanalyse mit einer Zwick Material-Prüfmaschine zwicki-Line, Prüfung von Hamburgern / Frikadellen mit ...
Video 00:01:17
87_Texture_analysis_of_burger.wmv (8.8 M)


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